Maximise golfer satisfaction & reduce maintenance costs.

Our ground-breaking technology tracks exactly how golfers of all standards play your course.

The ONLY WAY to improve the golfer experience is to understand the golfer experience. Track how players engage with your course and spend time and money on what really matters. We use highly advanced technology to provide precise, easy to understand insights to improve your course, to save money, and to enhance the experience of your golfers.

Eliminate guesswork | Maximise revenue | Enhance the golfer experience

Shorehill Reports


A bespoke consultancy service using customisable surveys to establish exactly how golfers engage with any course. We provide extensive accounts of the precise performance of each hole, making recommendations designed to enhance the golfer experience and most efficiently execute the specific aims of the facility.

Shorehill Integrated Solution


A fully integrated platform using intuitive smartwatch technology to automatically track player shot patterns in real time. This information feeds seamlessly into our hole reports and can be viewed at any time by club staff and decision makers through our cloud-based analytics platform.