Frequently Asked Questions

Our members aren’t very tech-savvy, is it hard to use?

Our technology is extremely easy-to-navigate and doesn’t infringe on the playing experience of members or guests. Depending on which service you choose, we either use short, easy to navigate surveys or simply ask golfers to wear a wristwatch during their round (which sends all the necessary information into our cloud-based system without the need for constant player input).

Do you work directly with club management or golf course architects?

We will gladly work with any relevant parties when collecting and interpreting data; from greens committees and club management to golf course architects, agronomists and historians. We are committed to providing invaluable insights to the decision makers at any club, no matter who they may be, and will gladly consult other industry experts to ensure the best solutions are found for any client.

Our greens committee/club management don’t know anything about data analytics; will the benefits of the system be lost on us?

Absolutely not! At Shorehill, we approach each client differently depending on their needs and preferences. We will gladly share all core data should a party take a particular interest, but our final reports are written to be understood by all. If a client has no interest in the core data on which we analyse their course, we will simply present them with a final report summarising what we learned in a simple, easy-to-understand format, eliminating confusion.

How long does it take to collect the data?

There is no definite answer to this question; in short, the more data we can collect, the more precise and effective our insights can be. Depending on the exact needs of the facility, the data collection process could range from a few days (when analysing elite player data across a professional event for example) to being ongoing over a number of years or even decades (when looking to continually refine and improve a course). Find out the best approach for your facility by speaking to a member of our team.

Our golf course is historic and well respected; would your modern approach be at ends with our historic course?

Not at all! Our data is analysed in the context of the history and architecture of a course and alongside the core values of the wider facility. In the case of historic courses, we might recommend the inclusion of a specialist architect or historian to help us compare what the architect might have originally built and their strategic intent with the current functionality of the golf course.