We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds

Meet the team


Harry Cloke

Harry is a an avid golfer who has been fascinated with golf course architecture since he first started playing, aged 13. He is a graduate of the University of Birmingham and PGA of GB & I’s Applied Golf Management Studies Degree and has experience working in a range of roles in golf across the UK, Ireland, United States and United Arab Emirates. Harry has long been fascinated by the way in which golfers engage with golf courses, and how architectural theories are experienced by golfers of different standards. He founded Shorehill with the aim of creating a feedback mechanism designed to increase our understanding of how decisions in architecture and maintenance impact the performance and enjoyment of all golfers. Harry believes strongly that the beauty of golf lies in the variety of courses we play; each course presents a unique combination of topography, maintenance practices, grass types, scenery and architectural theory. Shorehill, therefore, has been created as a means to test and implement these theories, refraining from enforcing a singular style or model for each golf course.


Jaime Morgan Hitchcock

Jaime’s passion is sport - in particular skiing, table tennis, badminton, basketball and athletics. He is particularly committed to making sport available to everyone, and is a director of a not-for-profit company which provides free sport for vulnerable children and adults in London, as well as a co-founder of a table tennis academy in Sheffield which provides disabled people with free table tennis coaching. He was appointed to the board of British Para Table Tennis, the National Governing Body, in 2018. Aside from sport, Jaime is a co-founder of several technology companies specialising in software design and development. The companies work through partnerships with other companies in a variety of fields. Jaime’s particular focus areas are design and marketing, and he prides himself on being able to interpret a client’s vision and adapt his approach to reflect their needs. The nature of the Shorehill Analytics system is particularly exciting to Jaime, as it offers such a wide range of advantages to so many people who are in the business of golf course management, and training.


Tobie Morgan Hitchcock

Tobie is CTO and co-founder of a software company specialising in databases - the technology on which the real-time Shorehill Analytics system depends. Following an early interest in various aspects of the uses of technology (including film and music composition), and a degree in the business side of information technology, Tobie’s path led to specialisation. He began to research how the field of technology, and databases in particular, can be applied to real-time analytics - of almost anything in everyday life, but in particular in sport. This interest was cemented via a Master’s Degree at Oxford in software engineering - with a focus on service-oriented architecture, big data, machine learning, the ‘internet-of-things’, and algorithmics. Tobie’s non-business activities include singing in a choir, skiing and basketball.