Mission Statement

It is our aim to leverage advanced data analytics to provide actionable insights to golf facilities to dramatically enhance their golf course(s). We have laid out the following core principles to achieve this:

The unique aims and priorities of each client and facility shall be carefully considered when interpreting data. Statistical information should not be the sole basis for change, but rather analysed in the context of the facility, its history and aims moving forward.

Changes shall not be made without justification or proper consideration. It is our aim to ensure golf courses function as well as possible, whether that requires significant work or not. We will not act to ‘make our mark’ on any course, but instead simply look to present the best golf course possible.

We shall work, wherever necessary, with the relevant experts to ensure data is interpreted within the context of the golf course, its history, environment and maintenance practices. It is vitally important to us that any recommendations fit within these contexts.

Each facility has the right to review the cost of our services based on the total value added to the club. We do not intend for any club to be at a loss through utilising our system; a price review will be granted should this be the case.