Reduce Maintenance Costs and Water Usage

We use gps technology to track area usage by golfers. This is specifically designed to measure how often players are visiting different areas of the golf course. We use this service to highlight areas for the reduction of maintained turf, use of water and other resources. This process has been proven to save golf facilities significant sums of money, particularly those using high volumes of water in their daily operation. We can also track the general use of practice facilities, monitoring how long golfers spend in each area of the facility.



bullets Allows for precision maintenance procedures
bullets Highlights areas for turf reduction; saving money, time and resources‚Ä®
bullets Improved clarity in decision making, ensuring the best outcome for projects of all sizes
bullets Helps key decision-makers better understand member engagement of the practice facilities
bullets Helps plans cart path design
bullets Allows strengths and weaknesses of the facility to be clearly identified

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