Maximise golfer enjoyment, minimise maintenance practices

Managing a golf course is both expensive and complex; using precise data as the basis for decisions saves money and resources, and ensures each facility fulfils its full potential.

To run a successful business of any kind, you need to know how your clients engage with your product, and golf is no different. We help club committees, staff and architects make better, more precise and cost-effective decisions using in-depth reports on how real golfers are playing and interpreting their course. We want golf facilities to stop spending money where it isn't needed, and instead focus on what really matters to the golfer. By researching the on-course experience of all golfers, we can ensure that money is spent wisely and efficiently in both the short and long term, providing a facility-specific route for course improvements. Our reports are designed to be the first step in improving anything from daily maintenance practices, to informing smaller in-house projects, to simulating major renovation works.

We treat each client differently, using data to show them how best to achieve their facility-specific aims and satisfy their own members and guests. As such, our data can be viewed and interpreted in a number of different ways. Below we have listed some of the most popular topics we examine:

Architectural Analysis

We test how effectively the strategic vision for any hole is upheld by the full range of golfers, in all conditions, and advise on how best to re-apply or enhance the intended strategic concepts. The strengths and weaknesses of a hole or course can be intimately understood prior to larger scale renovation or redesign work. We provide a precise guide to how the holes currently function and our data is subsequently invaluable in ensuring that meaningful changes are made to the course. Our system can be used to study historic courses, analysing how advances in equipment have changed the way the course is played, and how shot values and strategy can be re-established for the modern player. We also monitor how the golfer/golf course relationship develops over time as equipment advances continue to change the way we play the game.

Maintenance Reviews:

Actual player usage is compared with maintenance costs to eliminate areas of high cost with little value to the golfer. A framework can be created to maximise maintenance efficiency by streamlining the use of water, chemicals and fertilizers. We explore how the environmental footprint of the course can be reduced without diminishing the experience of the players.

Development Simulations:

The impact of potential changes to the course can be predicted using our advanced data-models. Trial and error, estimation and guesswork can be removed, maximising the impact of on-course investment and preventing poor allocation of budgets.

Budget-Specific Development Planning:

The accuracy of our data allows strategic precision in implementing changes of minimal input, for the greatest effect. The impact of any changes can be maximised, reducing costs and construction time.

Playability Reports:

We examine how the on-course experience of golfers of all standards can be enhanced. This often requires complex data-processing and simulation to settle upon the ideal balance between playability and challenge.

Reviewing the Impact of Course Conditioning on the Golfer Experience:

The impact of course conditions can be monitored and understood in relation to each category of golfer. This report allows for increased clarity in golf course maintenance through exploring the compound affects of green speeds, rough heights and course firmness on strategy, playability, pace of play and, ultimately, golfer enjoyment.

Creation of Teeing Guidelines:

Our research enables the creation of meaningful guidelines to ensure that golfers of different abilities play from the tees most likely to fairly challenge them by presenting obstacles of suitable difficulty to navigate. This can enhance the way all golfers interact with the course and allow an appreciation for the vision of the architect by golfers of all standards.

Course Set-Up Appraisals:

We review how changes to the set-up of the golf course impact the golfer experience. We look specifically at how changing pin locations and tee positions impacts player performance, strategy and pace of play.

Analysing the Impact of Weather on the Golfer Experience:

We compile and present reports on the impact of changes to daily weather conditions to the golfer experience so that a fair and enjoyable test of golf can be provided in all conditions.

Safety Analysis:

We provide detailed analysis of course and hole safety information, logging shots hit within close proximity to other groups or areas.

Hole report

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